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Before i show you the business, allow me to ask you a few questions and give you some reasons maybe why you should consider doing the QuestNet business:-
1. Do you want to earn more for yourself and your family?
2. Do you want to have more time to spend with them at home?
3. Do you want to go vacations together with them to overseas every year?
4. Do you want to quit your job and to have your own business?
5. Do you want to not have a boss and to be your own boss?
6. Do you want to have total control of your life?
7. Do you want to have choices and the power to choose?
8. Do you want to have financial freedom?
9. Do you want to have time freedom?
10. Do you want to earn passive income?
11. Do you want to be a 'somebody' rather than a 'nobody'?
12. Do you want to be a great person rather than a normal person?
13. Do you want to contribute to the society and do charity?
14. Do you want to be loved, respected and famous?
15. Do you want to leave a legacy?

If your answers are yes, then maybe you can consider doing the QuestNet business. I have seen a lot of QuestNet partners achieve their dreams and goals in their life as stated above in only a few years. One of my friends uncle is doing the Unilever MLM business in Thailand. After 4 years he earns more than RM100,000 per month. QuestNet top earners earn more than USD100,000 per month. The record is USD73,000 per week.
QuestNet is more than just a business. It changes people's life all over the world. You can touch other people's heart and change their lives. You can change the world! Make it a better place to live!
Rather than thinking "Why should i do it?", why not think "Why should't i do it?".