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1. Numismatic - Numismatic are limited edition collectable items of pure gold, silver and platinum coins, medals, watches and jewelleries. It is an investment as the value of your numismatic will not decrease but only increase. Example a guy bought an American Eagle gold coin and auctioned it at ebay and the price increased to over USD1,000,000. Instant millionaire.
2. Vacation - We have packages to over 4,000 resorts all over the world in more than 115 countries. We partnership with RCI, one of the most famous travel agency in the world. You can save up to 60% with our very low prices. You too can save by booking for more expensive and increasing price for future vacations at the current price available now.
3. Telecommunication - With our IDD System, you can save up to 80% calling overseas. Example to call Hong Kong from Malaysia is only USD0.0320 / RM0.12 per minute.
4. Lifestyle - We have the BioDisc and NutriSky to increase health and wellness.
5. QubePro - QubePro is the combination of MP3, MP4, digital camera and video recorder.
6. Bonvo - Bonvo is an online website where you can book airline ticket, hotel, cruises, vacation packages and rent car.
7. Motorbike - We have the QuestMotor and it is only available in India and Indonesia as most of the citizens there are riding motorbikes.