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The idea is to build a network of partners and customers. If  everyone get two (2) partners to join them in the business in one month, this is how much you will earn:-

Month   Left     Right                 Income
  1st          1           1                            -
 2nd         2           2              USD250
 3rd          4           4              USD250
 4th          8           8             USD750
 5th         16         16           USD1,250
 6th         32         32          USD2,750
 7th         64         64          USD5,250
 8th        128       128        USD10,750
 9th        256       256        USD21,250
10th       512       512       USD42,750
11th      1024     1024      USD85,250
12th      2048     2048     USD170,750
           Total Income = USD341,250
(For every sixth cheque, QuestNet will give you an extra USD250 bonus voucher)
(To be qualified to earn you need to purchase a 1UV product or more)

  • How many people do you know in your life? More than 300 people? How many of them want to earn extra income, big income or passive income? 80% of them? So you know about 240 people who wants to earn, and here you will only need two to succeed!
  •    Ronnie Wong, a Chinese guy from Kajang reach USD1,000,000 in 9 months! You can control how much you want to earn! Its totally up to you! You can be slower or faster, but you will still achieve it! Honestly, 99.99%  chance i think that you can't be faster than that. So lets target to achieve it together in 5 years time. Reasonable?
  •    Your income from QuestNet can be transfered to three generations, which means it can be transfered to your wife / husband, children and grandchildren!
    Of all the businesses out there, why choose Network Marketing?
  • Network Marketing is the best business because:-
    1. Lowest investment.
    2. Minimum risk.
    3. High profit potential.
    4. Global business.
    5. No employees.
    6. No stocks.
    7. No office.
    8. No shop.
    9. No lawyer's fee.
    10. No rent.
    11. No electric and phone bills.
    12. Nobody can sabotaj your shop / business.
    13. You can earn passive income.
    14. Financial freedom.
    15. Time freedom.