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  • Business Concept.
   QuestNet is an E-Commerce + Network Marketing business. It uses the new concept of Customer Referral Program. It means you will only need to refer, introduce or recommend the business and / or the products to your family and friends
  • Example:-
1. You purchase a product from QuestNet online at
2. You refer the product to your friend and your friend will purchase the product at also.
3. QuestNet will send the product to your friend's home and will pay you commission (QuestNet will send a cheque to your home).
4. More information about the company is in
It means you don't have to:-
1. Sell.
2. Keep stocks.
3. Deliver.
4. Service your customer.
(You need to do all this in the Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Business)
You too are a great referrer as you always refer good movies, restaurants, handphones and etc to your family and friends right? And you do it for free. Now you can refer and get paid!