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Quest International (QI) is the parent company of QuestNet. QI has over 20 subsidiaries, and QuestNet is one of them. QuestNet is established in Hong Kong in 1998. It came into Malaysia in 1999. After only 8 years, we have established in over 200 countries. That is an average of about 2 countries per month. We have more than 1.6 million representatives or customers located all over the world. With thousands of network marketing company operating all over the world, QuestNet ranked number 10 in the ranking of the fastest growing network marketing company in the world. Some of our
major partners:-

1. FIFA.
2. Formula 1.
3. Olympic Council.
4. United Nation.
5. Microsoft.
6. IBM.
7. Honda.
8. Suzuki.
9. StarWars.
10. Princess Diana's Family.
11. Etc..

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