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When you purchased a product, you will get a Tracking Centre on the internet. It is to record all your transactions and commissions. Our products have different Unit Values (UV) to a maximum of 21 UV. We are using the binary marketing plan which you will have two legs. The system pays you United States Dollar 250 when you have a pair of 3UV on your left leg and 3UV on your right leg.
1. You introduce John to purchase a 3UV worth of product(s) and you place him on your left leg.
2. You introduce Ruby to purchase a 1UV worth of product(s) and you place her on your right leg.
3. Jef introduce Cynthia and Charles to purchase a 1UV worth of product(s) each and she place them on her left and right leg.
------------------------------------------       Left                       You             Right
John (3UV)                        Jef(1UV)
                          Cynthia (1UV)
                           Charles (1UV)      
Total of 3UV on your left and 3UV on your right = USD250.
The system pays you to unlimited levels (infinity) without levels of percentages (100% commissions) on a weekly basis.
(You will have levels where you will not get paid anymore and reducing percentages in the MLM Business)
This system is very flexible for everybody as it has no:-
1. Time Limit - Your UV accumulated that has not been in a pair of 3UVs will not be forfeited forever.
2. Quota / Target - You do not have monthly quota of UVs to be achieved. Its totally up to you.
3. No Maintenance - You only need to purchase a product ONCE in your life to do the business forever.
(You will have time limit, quota and maintenance in the MLM Business)